Metro Faculty

Nicole Anderson, Extension Faculty, North Valley Field Crops/Ag Science: (503) 434-8912

Nick Andrews, Extension Faculty, Metro Region Extension Small Farms: (503) 678-1264, x149

Adejoke Babatunde, Multnomah County, SNAP Outreach Coordinator: (971) 361-3627

Vicki Campbell, Extension Faculty, Assistant to Regional Administrator, Washington County Center Manager and Washington County Leader: (503) 821-1127

Renee Carr, Extension Faculty, Portland POWER-UP Phone: (503) 657-7385

Pukhraj Deol, Extension Faculty, Urban and Community Horticulturist: (503) 821-1124

Jenny East, Extension Faculty, Northern Oregon, North and Central Coast, Marine Science and Boating Outreach Coordinator: (503) 821-1117

Amy Grotta, Extension Faculty, Forestry and Natural Resources: (503) 397-3462

Maureen Hosty, Extension Faculty, 4-H, Financial Health Program: (971) 361-9628

Joanne Lyford, Extension Faculty, SNAP Ed, FCH: (503) 657-7385

Weston Miller, Extension Faculty, Community and Urban Horticulturist: (503) 650-3124

Patrick Proden, Extension Faculty, Metro Regional Administrator: (503) 821-1113

Maureen Quinn, Extension Faculty, Metro Nutrition Education Program: (503) 821-1110

Beth St.Amand, Extension Faculty, 4-H Beyond School, State Outreach Coordinator: (503) 821-1114

Stacey Sowders, Extension Faculty, Multnomah County 4-H, Region Coordinator for STEM Beyond School and Multnomah County Leader: (503) 821-1125

Lynn Steele, Extension Faculty, Metro Hispanic Nutrition Program Phone: (971) 361-9623

Patrick Willis, Extension Faculty, Multnomah & Washington County 4-H: (503) 821-1120

Jordis Yost, Extension Faculty, Metro Master Gardener Program Coordinator: (503) 650-3118

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