Get Involved

Get Involved


YOUTH MEMBER?  If you want to enroll or RE-enroll as a 4-H youth member, please go to CLUB RESOURCES.


Become one today!

Why? Because there is no shortage of young people wanting to learn new skills, participate in service projects, and become better citizens.  Where we ARE short is in adults willing to lead them to these possibilities!

Contact me today, to find out how easy it is to become a volunteer with 4-H.  If you have expertise in an area that you would like to share with young people, that's great, and we will plug you in, no problem.  However, the only thing necessary?  The giving of YOU!  Being a positive influence on a young person requires very little output on your part.  They'll take as much or little as you can give. Do you have 2-4 hours a month to make a difference?

If taking on the role of Club Leader is daunting, not to worry.  There are many ways options to make it work for your schedule (consider working with a friend, neighbor, or relative as a CO-leader.)  Consider coming in as a guest speaker, or a guest project leader to an established meeting.  Those leaders will welcome your assistance.

Check out all projects listed on the State 4-H website, and let us know if you're willing to share your skills and knowlege with Multnomah and Portland area youth.

So you DO wanna be a 4-H Leader or Volunteer -- Congratulations!

Your role is critical in providing opportunities for you to learn and grow in a caring and supportive environment.  You will be joining a growing group of dedicated and committed 4-H leaders who are working in the community with local youth.

NEW  (First-time!)  4-H Leaders Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Complete a 4-H Volunteer Service Application
  2. Complete the 4-H Background Release form (criminal background check)**version 9/28/17
  3. Submit your 4-H Volunteer Service Application to the 4-H office in Portland.  A 4-H staff member will follow up to help you get started, and assist you with the new leader training.
  4. Participate in a new Leader Training (contact, to register or for more information.)
  5. Take the four online courses e-Learning Overview and Instructions
  6. Enroll in 4-H Online, the National 4-H Enrollment System
  • If you had a child enrolled last year, you will already have a "FAMILY" record, so follow the instructions for RE-Enrolling, even if you are a first-time volunteer.

RETURNING 4-H Leaders Step-by-Step Process

  • Returning volunteers/leaders--If you're already enrolling another member in your family, you can re-enroll yourself at the same time.  You will already be in the 4-H Online system.  Choose your name under the member list, and update your record.  
  • If you were a volunteer last year, or your child was enrolled last year, you will already have a "FAMILY" record.  Follow the instructions for RE-Enrolling.
  • Criminal History Background Check
These need to be completed every two years.  You will be notified when it's time to renew this.

Volunteer/Leader Orientations

Fall 2017

We are currently scheduling a volunteer orientation for November.  Please contact us for details!

Please contact Courtney Lobo for enrollment, leader orientation RSVP's, or for more information.

OSU Extension: Portland Area 4-H Youth Development Office

3880 SE 8th Ave #170 (X-street is SE Center)

Portland, OR  97202

Direction Notes: Our building sits on Hwy 99/McLaughlin Blvd, and you want to use the south entrance, which you enter from SE Center parking lot.)

To register, or for more info., please contact:


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