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If you want to enroll or RE-enroll as a 4-H youth member, please go to CLUB RESOURCES.

Become a 4-H Leader or Volunteer!

Now is a great time to become a 4-H Volunteer -- Join for our kickoff to our Portland Community Club.  See how you can make a difference in your community by becoming a 4-H leader.  Look at the projects listed above, and let us know if you're willing to share your skills and knowlege with Portland area youth.

If you do choose to become a leader -- Congratulations!

Your role is critical in providing opportunities for you to learn and grow in a caring and supportive environment.  You will be joining a growing group of dedicated and committed 4-H leaders who are working in the community with local youth.

NEW  (First-time!)  4-H Leaders Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Complete a 4-H Volunteer Service Application
  2. Complete the 4-H Background Release form (criminal background check)**version 3/1/17
  3. Submit your 4-H Volunteer Service Application to the 4-H office in Portland.  A 4-H staff member will follow up to help you get started, and assist you with the new leader training.
  4. Participate in a new Leader Training (contact, to register or for more information.)
  5. Take the four online courses e-Learning Overview and Instructions
  6. Click here for the e-Learning Course
  7. Complete the following two forms (3 pages altogether):

                 Fill out, print and return to the office.

  • Conditions of Volunteer Service
  • Adult Volunteer Expectations

8. Enroll in 4-H Online. 

  • If you had a child enrolled last year, you will already have a "FAMILY" record, so follow the instructions for RE-Enrolling, even if you are a first-time volunteer.

RETURNING 4-H Leaders Step-by-Step Process

  • Returning volunteers/leaders--If you're already enrolling another member in your family, you can re-enroll yourself at the same time.  You will already be in the 4-H Online system.  Choose your name under the member list, and update your record.  
  • If you were a volunteer last year, or your child was enrolled last year, you will already have a "FAMILY" record.  Follow the instructions for RE-Enrolling.

Fill out, print and return to the office.

Criminal History Background Check

  • These need to be completed every two years.  You will be notified when it's time to renew this.

Volunteer/Leader Orientations

Spring/Summer 2017

Dates--TBA soon!

Please contact Courtney Lobo for enrollment, leader orientation RSVP's, or for more information.

OSU Extension: Portland Area 4-H Youth Development Office

3880 SE 8th Ave #170 (X-street is SE Center)

Portland, OR  97202

Direction Notes: Our building sits on Hwy 99/McLaughlin Blvd, and you want to use the south entrance, which you enter from SE Center parking lot.)

To register, or for more info., please contact:


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