Important Parent Information

Please read the following information carefully and share it with your child. We welcome you to a fun week of learning, sharing, caring and growing through our summer camp programs.


Your Camp Director is Chuck Packard.  Chuck has been a 4-H Leader and Camp Director for 17 years.  Maureen Hosty is the 4-H Youth Extension Faculty for Agents for the Portland Metro area and provides leadership to the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Camp. She has worked with 4-H camps for nearly 30 years. The 4-H Camp Staff includes both teen and adult volunteer staff. Participants receive a high degree of small group interaction and personal attention from 4-H staff and volunteer leaders. These people have been chosen for their interest and ability in working with other people, as well as their skills in special areas. They undergo extensive pre-camp training before taking on this assignment as activity instructors and counselors. Our staff to camper ratio is 1:3.


The health and safety of campers are closely monitored. The camp provides nutritious and balanced meals. The site has hot and cold running water, showers, and flush toilets. There are medical personnel on staff to attend to participants’ health needs.


Campers must check in all medications, including over the counter medications, inhalers, vitamins, etc. with the camp nurse at check in.  If you are bringing medications you can save time at check out by completing the 4-H Camp Medications Form and bring a copy with you at check in.


The camp program has limited medical insurance on every participant - coverage extends only to accidents and illnesses originating at camp. The accident limit is $3000; for sickness, $1000. Pre-existing illness is not covered. The camp has an infirmary.


This camp is open to children completing grades 2-6 in June 2018.  A special program at our Junior 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program is a Leadership Program for 7th-8th graders called the Counselor in Training (CITs). First year CITs attend special leadership classes, are assigned leadership roles at camp, stay in cabins with other CITs, and participate in a special overnight camp out during camp.

Junior Counselors assist teen counselors in the youth cabins, take leadership classes, and must have completed the CIT program. The junior counselor program prepares youth completing grade 8 to become a camp counselor once they complete 9th grade, develop their leadership skills, and at the same time explore wildlife and the environment in a fun atmosphere.


Every effort will be made to provide special services or accommodations to participants on an as-needed basis, pending availability. Please let us know your special needs four weeks in advance by indicating so in the appropriate section on the registration form.


If someone other than a parent or guardian is picking up your camper on Saturday, please be sure to indicate on your camper registration form who is allowed to pick up your child.


If the cost of camp is affecting your decision to attend 4-H camp, be sure to check out 4-H camp scholarships. Significant camp scholarships are available to 4-H members through your local 4-H Leaders Association. If you are an active 4-H member, contact your local  4-H office to receive scholarship applications.


Final payment of all camp fees must be received at time of registration.  Payments are made online with credit or debit cards.  If you would prefer to pay by check please mail your check to the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Camp:  Box 7172 , Aloha, OR 97007 with checks payable to: 4-H Junior Wildlife Stewards Camp.



  • 100% of the registration fee will be refunded if cancellation is requested 10 business days (July 11, 2017) or more before the activity.
  • 50% of the registration fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs five to nine (July 18, 2017) business days before the 4-H activity begins.
  • No refunds will be made when cancellations occur within 5 business days of the activity or when the registrants do not show up for the activity. 


You may register your camper from 9:00-11:00 am on Tuesday, July 24, 2018. Parents are welcome to tour the facilities at check-in time. However, to assist in the transition process, we request parents depart shortly after the check-in procedure. Our camp will end with a closing ceremony which we would like you to be part of. It will be a time to share your child's camping experience as we recap the week’s events. The closing ceremony will be from 11:00 am on Saturday, July 28th. Please plan to stay for the entire program, as your child may be an important part in a skit. Parents may check their child out of camp from 12:00 - 1:00 pm on Saturday. Your promptness is appreciated. If someone other than a parent is picking up your child, we need to know that at registration, and need to complete the "permission-to-release" in the online registration form you before we release your child to another adult. Your understanding in this is appreciated.


Our camp prides itself on the ratio of camp staff to campers.  Trained teen counselors will be assigned 5-6 campers each during the 5 days of camp. It is their responsibility to be with the campers from Camp “Rise and Shine” to bedtime.

In addition to our teen counselor staff a staff of 10-12 adult counselors will also be on-site at all times. Adult counselors teach project classes and provide leadership and supervision to the entire camp program.  Each cabin group is also assigned an adult leader who serves as primary adult leader for that group.


If your child becomes homesick, we will make every attempt to encourage the child to stay. If the child still wishes to leave, the parents will be called. Parents should be prepared to come pick up their child from camp if their child continues to be homesick and upset about being away from home.

We have found that having children call home encourages homesickness. It can also become a problem for a cabin group as they learn of someone else being able to make calls outside of camp. It is therefore the policy of our 4 H camp to encourage children to write home, but not call. Helping campers overcome homesickness is part of their camp experience. Speaking to your child in advance can alleviate many feelings of homesickness once they arrive.

Camp Bags 

All new campers will receive a large 4-H camp bag at check-in.  Parents should be prepared to help their camper transfer all their belongings including their pillow and sleeping bag into the 4-H camp bag. These camp bags make the process of transporting the bags to and from the cabins much easier.  Returning campers should come to camp with all their belongings in their camp bag.  A few limited bags are available for purchase at camp check in if you are returning camper and need a new bag.

During the Week

Campers will be assigned a tribe during the stay at camp.  Each tribe consist of 10-12 campers and 3-4 teen counselors. Safety is our first priority.

Program Policy Highlights (please see the Code of Conduct for additional details)

  • Campers are expected to follow the 4-H Code of Conduct at all times.
  • Campers are required to stay on camp premises during the course of the week.
  • Campers will be issued a name tag at check-in, which must be worn throughout the week.
  • This is a fun filled and busy five-day program, and visitors are not allowed.

See our Daily schedule  for more detailed information about what will be happening at camp this week.


We have daily mail service at camp. The address is:

Oregon 4-H Center

c/o 4-H Junior Wildlife Stewards Camp

5390 4-H Rd., NW

Salem, OR 97304

To ensure your letter arrives during their camp session, we suggest mailing letters or cards before the camp begins.


For camp registration or for more details about our camps please contact our camp manager at:


In order for your application to be complete please send the following items to the OSU 4-H Extension Office at time of registration.

  • Camp youth application (with signed health card)
  • Camp fee balance

Please send these above items at time of registration to

4-H Junior
 Wildlife Stewards Camp

Box 7172

Aloha, OR   97007


In case of an emergency during our week at camp, parents can contact camp staff at (503) 371-4064.

If your child has any physical disability that requires special considerations in order for him/her to attend 4-H Camp, please notify the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Office at 971-261-9628 at least two weeks before the first day of camp. 

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