Portland Area 4-H Programs

4-H Clubs - Year round--It's not too late to join and participate in the Multnomah County Fair!

4-H After-school programs is one method that 4-H volunteers are delivering the 4-H Youth program to thousands of school children each year. The 4-H youth program offers resources, training and materials for adult leaders who want to bring the 4-H Program in an after-school setting. If you are interested in bringing 4-H to your school, please contact our 4-H office.

4-H Pet Ambassaor Certification Program (coming soon)

4-H ExCEL (Exploring Careers, Education and Leadership) - Fall/Winter

OSU Extension 4-H and the Oregon Zoo are partnering to provide an exciting learning opportunity for high school teens at the Oregon Zoo. The goals of this program are to provide high school youth with hands on learning opportunities in Career exploration (zoology, vet science, conservation, education, biological sciences and more), Job skills development,  Leadership, Exploring post high school education paths, and more.

Pacific Lamprey in the Classroom (Fall and Spring)

US Fish and Wildlife and OSU Extension 4-H have partnered together to develop a new multi-media curriculum for 4-6 grade students! We are now recruiting teachers and library media specialists to help us pilot this program.

4-H Urban-Rural Exchange (Cultural Exchange Club meets 4 times for planning & preparation; Trip is in Spring)

The 4-H Urban-Rural Natural Resources Exchange is a program designed to help Oregon 7th and 8th grade students gain an understanding of natural resource management issues from both an urban and rural Oregon perspective. The exchange is also designed to help students develop a camaraderie and spirit of friendship between families from rural and urban Oregon. Through a year-long program which includes a series of 3-6 day exchanges, this program is providing middle school youth with a unique opportunity to “walk a mile in the boots” of those across the urban-rural divide and through the process gain a deeper understanding of the environmental, social and economic issues from both an urban and rural perspective.

Multnomah 4-H Fair (Memorial Day Weekend)

All youth from Multnomah 4-H schools and clubs are encouraged to come join the fun. There is still time to finish your projects and head down to the fair over Memorial Day Weekend for fun and learning.

Summer Camps (July 25-29, 2017)

The 4-H Junior Wildlife Stewards Camp is sponsored by OSU Extension 4-H and is open to boys and girls completing grades 3-6. The camp is designed for youth who wish to explore wildlife and the wonders of nature in an outdoor setting. Previous experience or knowledge in these areas is not required — 4-H welcomes novices who want to learn and have fun in the process.

Healthy Communities Outreach Project (school year)

The Portland Healthy Communities Outreach Project is an integrated Oregon State University 4-H/Family Community Health program designed to promote and support 50 culturally diverse, low-income youth and families to prepare and eat more whole grain foods in their daily diets.  The program is delivered in collaboration with multiple local partners. 

4-H Western Heritage (Fall--check back for Fall 2017)

Come learn about the Ways of the Rural West . . . past and present and learn safety skills in Shooting sports, ATV’, horsemanship and other traditional rural western activities such a outdoor cooking.

4-H Wildlife Stewards and School Gardens (School year)

 4-H Wildlife Stewards are trained volunteers who work in partnership with public and private organizations to assist students and teachers to create, use and sustain wildlife habitats on school grounds.

4-H Tech Wizards (year round)

4-H Tech Wizards engages underserved, underrepresented youth in Multnomah County with science, technology, engineering, math education and after-school tutoring. At the same time, parents of the students are offered the assistance and education they need to support their children in their educational achievement.

4-H Inner City Youth Institute (year round)

The Inner City Youth Institute (ICYI) is an innovative mentoring program that enhances and extends basic natural resource education by incorporating robust and challenging methodologies to encourage participating youth to continue their education and attain careers in natural resources.  At the same time, through service learning opportunities that improve quality of life within their communities, youth develop an appreciation and understanding of the environmental, social and economic benefits of natural resources.

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