Steps to Become a 4-H Partner School

Steps to Become a 4-H Partner School

To become a 4-H Partner School, interested schools should complete and submit a 4-H Partner School Application. 4-H Partner Schools must also commit to the following:

  • Set up a meeting with 4-H staff and your school team to go over the program expectations
  • Obtain school principal approval;
  • Recruit at least two enthusiastic teachers/parents to participate in the program and attend a parent volunteer orientation  (Date of Training TBD);
  • Organize a team of students, teachers, parents and/or community members to work in partnership with 4-H staff to select, promote and deliver 4-H programs that fit the needs of your school community;
  • Provide 4-H education programs to at least two classrooms for a minimum of 6 hours during the year.
  • Commit at least 1 year to the partnership;

To continue ongoing participation with the 4-H program, each year participating schools will be asked to submit two documents:

  • 4-H Group Enrollment Form
  • 4-H Partner School Annual Program Review to make adjustments that will meet the needs of the community

Becoming a 4-H Partner School is Free! 

There are no fees to become a 4-H Partner school.  However, some of our programs are fee-based for each member (Summer Camp, Summer Conference, Urban-Rural Exchange, After School clubs). Discounts and scholarships are available. 


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