Am I using the proper weeding technique for the northern hemisphere?

Woman using a tool for hand weeding
Photo credit: EESC slide collection

When weeding, I twist the weed to the right, to remove the root. Knowing that the northern hemisphere has a different 'spin' from the southern, am I doing it correctly?

- Tillamook County, Oregon

After a little research, I discovered that there are several tools that are designed to grab and twist weeds out of the ground. Careful reading of their instructions didn't offer any advice on how to twist or what direction to twist. In their R and D, if there was a difference in the relative efficacy of twisting directions, the manufacturers of these tools would of said something. So my advice is to twist weeds as you please.

This reminds me a bit of my theory as to why people plant by the astronomical "signs". I am not convinced there is much biological validity to that method but there has to be some value for a concept like this to persist for so long. Years ago, I concluded that when something tells a gardener to do something specific, like plant green beans in the next two days, you do it. In gardening and farming, doing something is generally better and leads to more productivity than doing nothing. So I think this ancient "wisdom" functions as a scheduling device for those who need it. 

Chip Bubl
Agriculture and Home Horticulture Specialist
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