Are these sinister objects alien eggs?

black and white picture of a Nidulariales
Photo credit: Ask an Expert

I found this growing in my garden and I'm not sure what it is. My girlfriend said it looks Sinister! Can you tell me what this is? My best guess is maybe something to do with dill because I had some dill plants there, but they kind of look like mushrooms or alien eggs. There were also some zucchini plants there.

- Multnomah County, OR

Less sinister, I think, once you know the common name: Bird's Nest Fungi (Nidulariales). Common in mulched and garden areas. These don't indicate anything wrong with your garden. If fungi worry you because of pets and children, these fruiting bodies can be raked up. Otherwise, I recommend you leave them be.
Read this OSU Extension Service gardening tips article about mushrooms our gardens.

Jacki Dougan
OSU Extension Service Volunteer Metro Master Gardeners
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