Baking Mixes

Baking Mixes

About 40 years ago, I belonged to an Oregon Extension Service "club" of women. At one of the meetings, we were given a booklet which contained a lot of recipes using a BASIC MIX (floor, powdered milk, sugar, salt, etc.) This basic mix along with other basic mixes were prepared and stored in canisters to be used when needed. My booklet is not in the best shape. In fact there are pages missing and it has been soiled and/or taped beyond recognition. I wonder if the booklet might be in the archives of the extension service. I would like to recreate it for my grandchildren.

- Multnomah County, Oregon

Thanks for your interest in our "new" archive of Extension publications. I did a quick search of our ScholarsArchive database and I find two publications that may be of interest. Please keep in mind that the words and recipes of our old publications have not been verified in many years. These are historical records and the safety and success of recipes and practices are not necessarily currently endorsed.

That said, here's one last printed in 1976: (FS 116) Cooking With Ready-Made Mix

And this is probably closer to the "booklet" you mentioned. Last printed in 1964: (EC 715) Homemade Mixes for Convenience.

Search for more old and new records in our ScholarsArchive.

Happy baking!


Karen Zimmermann
Communications Support Specialist
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