Bambi be Gone!

fawn near a stream
Photo credit: EESC slide collection

We live in a rural setting, with deer coming through twice a day. (That we see, anyway!) Can you recommend a good physical structure/repellant plant combination to be able to grow a garden?

- Marion County, Oregon

The only sure way to keep deer from your garden (vegetable or ornamental) is with a 8 foot high fence. There are some plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees that are deer resistant, but even these are 'sampled' from time to time, mostly by young deer. Here is a list of plants that are deer resistant and recommended by OSU.

There are also some products on the market that you can spray on and around plants that have varying degrees of success. You can check with your local nursery for these products. Most of these products are not meant to be used on food plants.

Good luck and tell Bambi hello when she next visits. Keep in mind, the land you live on belonged to the deer first. The plants they eat on the property you occupy is the rent you pay for using their land, :<)

Donald Lauer
Master Gardener
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