Exotic Dog Treat Safe?

Exotic Dog Treat Safe?

We walk where nutria are living and my dog loves to eat their scat when she finds it.  Can this give her a disease ?  

- Coos County, Oregon

We would do best consulting a veterinarian on the disease possibilities from the scat. Although I lack data on specific endo (internal) parasites of nutria in Oregon, I do know that in other parts of the country humans (and I suspect their pets as well) CAN contract roundworms from contact with the animals and their scats.

I would recommend limiting your dog's ingestion of the scat, if possible. If it isn't possible, letting your vet know would probably be a good idea in case they want to screen your dog for additional worm species when you take him/her in for annual checkup and shots.

Dana Sanchez
Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist
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