Finding a Logger

logging truck
Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum

We are in farm forest area of Mt. Hood area. Would like to remove some trees on our property. How do we find a reputable logger to help us?

- Hood River County

There are many ways. References from neighbors, and looking in the yellow pages (logging or tree services). And when you find one (or two) ask for references and look at a recent job. Much will depend on how big the job is and how many trees you want removed. As always check that their insurance coverage is proper and current, their CCB license if current etc. Also, if you are "logging" you will need permits from the Oregon Department of Forestry and they may have list of small job loggers. The Clackamas County OSU Extension office also has lists of "small job loggers."

Chal Landgren
OSU Forestry Extension Specialist
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