Forestland Classification

John Punches, on right, Associate Professor and Regional Administrator.
Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum
Who represents OSU in Douglas County on both the forestland-urban interface fire protection committee AND the Douglas County forestland classification committee? When was he/she appointed? Any contact information? - Douglas County, Oregon

I was appointed to the Forestland Classification Committee in Douglas County in late 2010 as the OSU representative on this committee, and have served one cycle of the classification process. Here is my contact page: John Punches 

The forestland-urban interface fire protection committee is a separate committee with a different function, and it does not have a person representing OSU. (If I'm reading the statutes correctly, that committee has one person appointed by the Fire Marshall, one by the State Forester, and 3 by the County Commissioners.) This type of committee is optional. You could contact the Douglas Fire Protective Association at 541-672-6507 to determine if Douglas County has established this committee, and if so who is on it.

Hope this is helpful.

John Punches
Regional Administrator, SW Oregon (Coos, Curry, Douglas and Lane Counties)
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