Got Lawn Mushrooms?


I have a lot of mushrooms growing in my yard. They appear to be two different kinds. You can feel them under the yard before you see them. It seems to be a big section and kind of in a row. How can I get rid of them? I have more pictures if it is useful.

- Lane County, Oregon

My neighbor asked me this last week, and I'm not sure he liked my answer. Mushrooms in the lawn are generally a sign that things below the soil surface are breaking down (buried wood, dead tree roots), that the soil is healthy, and there really isn't a way to make them go away anyhow. Many people rake and bury them into the compost so the lawn looks nice, also so children and pets are not tempted to touch or eat them.

Mushrooms seldom appear consistently, but in flushes as the season changes. They often go away after a few years. (In some cases mushrooms growing from a tree or the base of a tree trunk indicate trouble, so follow up on that if this is your situation.)

I hope you like the answer okay, and I've reassured you all is fine.

This article by the Oregon State University Extension Service explains things better than I have, so I encourage you to look it up: Mushrooms can mean healthy soil

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