Hog the Blackberries

Bush hog
Photo credit: K. W. Sanders

I have several acres of massive blackberries. I am trying to find some type of machine that will cut them down and shred them. The property is flat, but has some medium size rocks in the berries. Any suggestions on the proper equipment I should rent?

- Clackamas County, OR

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For chopping down blackberries, a tractor with a brush hog attachment or skid-steer with a brush hog on the front are effective tools. This treatment, however, will not kill the root system, but can make it possible to then follow-up with mechanical removal of the roots or using herbicides to kill the plants when they start to regrow. Persistence and timing are key!

See more information on blackberry control.

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Weston Miller
Community and Urban Horticulture Faculty
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