Horse supplies

Horse supplies

my name is jasmine and i was wondering if there is a place for low- income families to get free/or cheap horse supplies?

- Clackamas County, Oregon

Hello Jasmine,

I'm not sure what specific "horse supplies" you are asking about, so I'm going to cover several things in this email.

Tack, brushes, etc: There is the Canby 4-H tack sale, I looked and the next one is March 17th, there is also a fairly large tack sale during the monthly horse sales in Eugene, which are held the second Sunday of each month. Websites such as are also very good websites for finding alot of different supplies at fairly decent prices.

Hay: the best place to start in finding assistance for hay is the Oregon Hay Bank. There is an application process, but they are very good to work with. They also have additional services which have to do with the health of your horse(s) that they can help you with. Their contact information is and the contact phone is 541-493-2026.
These are some places to start. If there is something specific that you are looking for please contact me at the phone or email below and I would be happy to help you all that I can.

Happy Holidays.

Dawn Sherwood
Horse Specialist
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