Mold is not a welcome roommate.

Wall with mold.
Photo credit: Bryn Pinzgauer

What is the best way to treat a very large amount of mold that has accumulated on my walls and windows of my apartment?

- Multnomah County, OR

If this is a rental unit, involving the landlord is important. They should be able to assist with assessment, cleanup and prevention of further mold growth. 

The Multnomah County Healthy Homes Hotline can offer you assistance. They can discuss further assessment of the problem and clean-up as well as determine which area you are in, to identify which agency will provide free inspections and advice for tenants and landlords to address the issue and what other local resources are available -- they are very helpful: 503-988-4247

The presence of mold always indicates that there is excess moisture. Determining the source of the moisture and controlling it would be the first step to ensure that any efforts to clean up the mold will be effective. If it is a large area, or you suspect there is hidden mold in walls, it may be complicated to do, so professional help may be needed. It is important to protect yourself and others in the home when attempting to clean. This brochure offers some basic information on managing moisture and mold in your home.

Jeanne Brandt
County Specialist
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