More raspberries please

Cluster of three raspberries
Photo credit: Betsy Hartley

I have everbearing raspberries and lately they have not produced much. How do I prune them to get more fruit?

- Multnomah County, OR

How old are your raspberries?  They start to decline in production around 8-10 years. If they are older, you might consider removing the roots and starting with new, certified disease resistant plant material. 

For pruning, if you prune them top the ground during the dormant season, you will get 1 large crop of berries in the fall.  If you just remove the dead tips from this year's canes, then you will get some berries in the summer and another crop in the fall. The former produces a larger crop of more flavorful berries.  Also, you might try fertilizing the berries in the spring when they leaf out.  Follow directions on the fertilizer package for berries or perennial plants.

Weston Miller
Community and Urban Horticulture Faculty
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