Mosquitoes in Hot Pursuit!

Mosquito on skin
Photo credit: EESC slide collection

There are aggressive mosquitoes in the area at all times of the day and evening (more than usual) and people are not able to even get outside and water their gardens. They are also following them into cars and houses.

Can you help?

- Coos County, Oregon

Mosquitoes are difficult to kill as adults (as are most flying insects). Wet springs increase the mosquito breeding rate and subsequently the adult mosquitoes. The early warm weather in May sped this process up.

Almost all the efforts around mosquito control are focused on reducing the larva and/or repelling them from sensitive individuals. The info you have from the PNW handbook summarizes what we generally do.

Do you have a mosquito control district in Coos County? If so, call them. If not, you may be in for a long summer.

Swallow boxes are the best bio control for mosquitoes (much more effective than bat boxes) along with the BT treatments mentioned in the PNW piece. You can buy mosquito "dunks" for small ponds and water features that release Bt slowly into the system. Most Garden Centers carry these.

Feel free to call/email me if you have more questions.

Chip Bubl
Agricultural Extension Agent and County Leader
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