No exploding peaches, please.

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I bought several boxes of canned peaches, pears and plums from a local canning company. They were delivered in mid-Dec. 2012. Two of the cans of peaches have exploded. I've got a big mess and I'm worried about contamination/bacteria issues in remaining cans. Help! Is there a person in your dept that I can talk to?

- Multnomah County, Oregon

Thank you for submitting your question to Ask an Expert. I just called you today and spoke with your husband about this issue. Be careful when handling these products, and do not consume. Please save the can so that you can identify the lot number and contact the company directly so that they can issue a recall.

Below is information directly from the Oregon Deptartment of Agriculture's website about how to issue a complaint for a food processor. I would definately do this so that action is taken to find out what has gone wrong in the peaches and to make sure no one becomes ill from the product.
"To file a complaint regarding the food handling practices or products for a grocery store, meat market, warehouse, bakery, food processing plant or dairy, complete the information on the consumer complaint form and forward it to our office as an attachment via e-mail or print the consumer complaint form in PDF format, and mail the completed form to the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division, 635 Capitol Street NE, Salem, Oregon 97301-2532, or you may contact our office at (503) 986-4720. Your complaint will be entered in the record and referred to the food safety specialist responsible for inspecting the establishment for review and appropriate action. If you have a complaint involving a restaurant, fast-food facility, or to report a suspected food-borne illness, please contact your local environmental health department."

You can contact the Multnomah County office of Environmental Health at: 503-988-3400 or

Jenny Rudolph
Family & Community Health Educator
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