Not Too Late for Some Root Veggie Planting

Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum

Hello, I have never planted root vegetables or a fall or winter crop. I plan to do so this year. However, I missed the window to plant carrots, beets, onions and garlic this spring. Is it too late if I do it this week? I live in Portland and it has been really hot this week! Thanks!

- Multnomah County, Oregon

Thank you for your question to Ask an Expert.

Beets and carrots can be planted from now until mid-July by direct seeding. It is definitely too late to plant garlic, which is best planted in the fall and then harvested in July. For onions, you could buy a six-pack of transplants and plant them for harvest in September or so. Scallions could be sown directly at this time.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Weston Miller
Community and Urban Horticulture Faculty
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