Pickling Ramps

Photo credit: Christopher Furniss

Do you have a receipe for quick pickling of ramps? Thanks.

- Haywood County, North Carolina

I do not find a tested recipe for pickling ramps. You could follow an onion recipe and not heat the ramps. I think they would get slimy if heated. If you store the pickles in the refrigerator, then you can experiment with flavors. Taste them after a couple days and see if you like them. Always use at least a 1:1 ratio of vinegar to water. I probably would use mostly vinegar considering the texture of the ramps.

A recipe for the brine for pearl onions is 
5 1/2 cups white (5%) vinegar 
1 cup water 
2 teaspoons canning salt 
2 cups sugar 
8 teaspoons mustard seed 
4 teaspoons celery seed.

Heat the brine and cool it. Then cut the ramps in chunks and put in brine. This recipe is enough to brine 5 cups of peeled pearl onions so you can adjust the recipe for the amount of ramps you want to pickle.

Good luck.

Nellie Oehler
Food Safety and Preservation
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