Save the Rice!

rice in large bowls at a market
Photo credit: Hanoi Mark

How long can you store rice? What is the best way to store it? Can it be stored for long periods of time if it is stored in Food Saver Bags that have all the air drawn out of them?

Does rice ever become unsafe to eat? thank you very much.

- Clackamas County, OR

Dry rice should be stored in an airtight container so that it doesn't absorb moisture and any "off odors" from the air. A food saver bag is a perfect way to store dry goods. Uncooked rice should not become unsafe to eat. You should check your pantry periodically for any infestation of pantry pests. For best quality, dry rice should be eaten within 2 years (1 year for brown rice). But, again, it will be SAFE to eat for much longer if it is stored properly. Check out our publication site on food preservation/storage.

Jenny Rudolph
Family and Community Health Educator
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