A Shout out about Trout.

Photo credit: Lynn Ketchum

My husband and I are researching starting a small trout hatchery. Does the extension office provide support/information on aquaculture?

- Multnomah County, OR

Yes, Oregon State University provides support for aquaculture farmers through the Sea Grant Extension Aquaculture Program. As the OSU SG Aquaculture Extension Specialist, I would be happy to assist you in researching your trout endeavor.

First, eXtension (the online Extension outreach program nationwide) has a freshwater website with specific info on trout aquaculture.

The Oregon Aquaculture Association has several trout growers, and they would be very useful in answering your questions about starting and continuing an aquaculture enterprise.

I also recommend that you connect with some of the local ODFW and federal hatchery staff as they are a great resource for specific questions about culture methods and equipment/facilities. You probably have already done this, but here's the list of ODFW hatcheries around the state.

Finally, please contact me directly anytime at your convenience to further the discussion of your interests. I would be happy to assist you any way I can.

David Landkamer
Extension Aquaculture Specialist
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