Tasty hummingbird feeder recipe.

Tasty hummingbird feeder recipe.
Photo credit: Flickr: Bobolink

What is the best homemade solution for a hummingbird feeder?

- Lane County

Hi there and thank you for your question.

The standard recipe is 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. For example, my main feeder fills right to the top with 1 cup of water in which I have dissolved 1/4 cup of sugar. Red dye is not necessary, and most feeders are built with hummer-attracting red parts anyway. You can either boil the water on the stove or boil it in the microwave, then just mix in and stir in the sugar until the solution looks clear. Allow the solution to cool to room temperature prior to putting it out in the feeder. It is important to keep the (inside of) feeder clean and free of molds or bacteria, so especially during stretches of warm weather, you might need to clean and replace with fresh solution every 3 or 4 days.

I hope this information is helpful!

Dana Sanchez
Assistant Professor and Extension Wildlife Specialist
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