Independent Project Guidelines


What Youths Need to Know

There are many reasons for pursuing an Independent Project within 4‐H. Some of those reasons are:
•Inability to attend regular 4‐H group meetings due to scheduling conflicts
•Inability to secure a leader for a group
•Opportunity to spend one on one time with a family member
•Independent Projects may best suit a youths nature and learning capabilities

The process for Independent Project approval is:
1.  Fill out the application- find it here.
2.  Submit application to the Extension Office
a. The Extension Office will submit it to the Leaders Association for approval
b. If approved, the Extension Office will notify the youth that their project is approved.
3.  Get working on your project!
4.  Watch for information from the Extension Office about when youths need to report to the Leaders Meeting. Reports can be brief and will be scheduled at the beginning of the meeting.
5.  That’s it!                                                                        

A few notes:
Generally most Independent Project applications are approved. The most frequent reason an application may not be approved is if it involves livestock.

**The Leader's Association 2015 would like to strongly encourage youths seeking Indpendent Project status to participate in a 4-H club in addition. Applications may be looked at very hard if the Leaders Association feels the youth may be missing out on the group benefits of 4-H.**

The Sherman County Independent Project rule #5 states that:
“Projects can be taken individually with approval of the Leader’s Association when no club exists or when a club in the community disbands. Individuals who apply for the individual projects are required to report once to the Leader’s Association through the 4‐H year to discuss the project and its progress.

***If they don’t report, they will not be allowed to exhibit the project at the county fair.”***

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the 4‐H Extension Office!