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See America by participating in Interstate Exchange

Interstate Exchange Information Meeting || October 4, 2017 || 7:30 p.m. || Extension Classroom

The Interstate Exchange project is unique in that it is a two-year project. Oh, and also you get to travel to another state somewhere in the country. The kids travel with one or two chaperones and stay with a 4-H family in a state that the group agrees on and that our numbers match up with for a week. This year, we will be traveling to another state, and next year they will be traveling to Oregon to visit us, stay in our homes, and learn about our 4-H program. This informational meeting will let member knows what type fundraising they can expect, what the trip entails, and gauge interest. Once we know our numbers, we will be able to find which states match with us! From there, the kids will get to work with their chaperones to choose the state they wish to visit.  It is an exciting opportunity to learn about life and 4-H in other parts of the county!

This year, we had visitors from Pennsylvania. They got to eat at In-n-Out,  visit the Redwoods and Oregon Coast, tour Jacksonville via a trolley, go to a Shakespeare play, see Crater Lake (perfect timing, too, the smoke had just lifted for only a few minutes!), and experience some other wonders of Oregon, all while bonding with our Interstate Exchange members and learning about our 4-H program. We loved having them and are very excited to see where our kids get to go next year! So if you want to be part of this program, make sure to swing by the informational meeting. You must be in at least 7th grade to participate and, because this is a two-year project, you will need to participate this year in order to be involved next year. 

In Summary,

It is a 2 year commitment to travel one year, for a week, and host the next.
The finance side (if it is the same as last year) is $200 to join and then we have fundraisers for you to work to raise the rest of the money needed.  If you are short of funds, the family will need to pay portion you did not fundraise for. 

The family hosting, here and in our exchange state, will all have to pass a background check.

Contact Kim Shelton at kshelton6373@msn.com or Donna Cox at: donnacox8@aol.com with any questions.

LEGO Robotics Informational Meeting and Fun Night

Tuesday, October 10, 2017 at 6:30 – 8:00 pm (Extension Center)

Steve Tarr (Lego Superintendent) and Lena have been brainstorming ideas to strengthen the program and to make room for the many young minds who wish to join in the fun. The program will probably look a little different this year than in year’s past to accommodate everyone who is interested in Lego Robotics.

This is a program wide meeting for youth and adults. If you are returning to Robotics, on the fence about returning, or anyone who wants to be part of this program, please attend this meeting. If you are thinking you are getting too old for Lego Robotics, please come to the meeting.  There will be opportunities for everyone.  We especially need adult volunteer help – and you don’t need know a thing about Legos or Robotics!  We will discuss our plan for the future and also have a little fun playing with the robots.  See you soon!

4-H National Youth Science Day 2017 – Incredible Wearables

Contact Lena if you are interested in having this experiment opportunity at your school.

4-H Member Recognition Night

Saturday, November 4, 2017 6:00-7:30 pm, Extension Center.  Mark your calendar!  Call the 4-H office to help with this event.

Adult and Youth Leader Training Opportunity

Saturday, October 28 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Location: The Barn Community Center in Bandon, Coos County

Want to learn some new tips and tricks to improve your leadership skills and 4-H Club meetings?  Stuck on how to manage club finances and fundraisers?  Come share and receive new project ideas from volunteers and 4-H Educators living in southwest Oregon.  Experienced and new leaders are encouraged to attend.  Free!  RSVP to Lena by October 26, 2017.  Maybe we can car-pool!

Lego Robotics Project Work Day

October 30, 2017 4:00-5:00 pm (White City Library) Any 4-H member is welcome.

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