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4-H Re-Enrollment Deadline for Fair

Returning 4-H members interested in participating in 4-H Fairs and contests must have chosen a club, spoken to the club leader, and be enrolled in 4honline by February 16th, 2018.  All youth not enrolled in 4honline by the deadline are welcome to re-enroll at any time but will be unable to compete in these events.   If you have never signed up online before you can find the instructions here. Go to this webpage http://extension.oregonstate.edu/sorec/4h/join-4-h and scroll down and click on Enrollment and re-enrollment tips.

FYI: I do not have access to your password.  If you don’t remember your password, click “forgot password” and the system will send you a temporary one to your 4honline email address.  If you can’t get it to work, do not create a new account.  Please call the office and talk to Jackie.

4-H Presentation Contest 2018

Saturday February 24, 9am - 1:30 pm; Talent Middle School

This year’s County-wide Presentation Day event is Saturday, February 24, from 9am – approximately 2 pm.  It is open to all ages - 5 to 19.  Cloverbuds, ages 5-8, will present but not for competition.  Members ages 9 - 19, may give a presentation for participation OR competition.  Categories for registration include (so far):  Demonstration, Interpretive Reading, Public Speeches (Persuasive, Informative, etc.), Illustrated Talk, Impromptu Speech (ages 12-19), Team Presentation. See the state website for ideas and educational resources. http://oregon.4h.oregonstate.edu/projects/communication/Presentations

If you would like to participate in this fun and inspiring event, but do not want to give a presentation, there are positions available as Room Chair (organizing the presentation spaces), Judging (age 19+), and Snack/Lunch Room Volunteer (service, cashier, clean-up).  To volunteer, or asks questions about the event contact Jennifer B. at 707-349-8733, or ashland4h@gmail.com

Registration Form: 2018 Presentation Entry Form

A Primer on Presentations



Tagging Dates

Please see online 4-H Calendar for details. http://extension.oregonstate.edu/sorec/4h-news



Rancher's Choice Market Beef Contest (County Fair)

Rancher's Choice Directions/Rules/Records 2018

Rancher's Choice Questions 2018

Breeder Affadavit for Tagging Day

Line in the Sand Cards


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