Rural Living Day 2018 (Douglas Co.)

Saturday, January 20, 2018 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

If you are a small acreage/rural property owner or considering a move to the country you won’t want to miss Rural Living Day 2018. This day long workshop has something for everyone with 17 workshops to choose from and an opportunity to speak with representatives from over 10 local agencies and non-profits.

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8am-9am: Check-in with coffee, donuts, fruit

9am-9:45am: Welcome & Plenary Session with Kaci Buhl – Pesticides in Pioneer Country

9:45am-10am: Break

10am-11:30am: Session A

11:30am-1pm: Lunch (Ask an Expert Exhibitors, and Demonstrations)

1pm-2:30pm: Session B

2:30pm-3pm: Break & Dessert

3pm-4:30pm: Session C

Session A Classes

1A:  Rainwater Catchment Systems That Work For You - Stan Dean, Retired Civil/Environmental Engineer and a Volunteer for various water resource and land stewardship organizations

This class will provide an overview of the basic components of rainwater catchment systems and how to size key facilities.  Emphasis will be placed on making sure that systems meet owners' objectives and capabilities in terms of cost, complexity, and functionality.  Information will be provided on basic water hydraulics and irrigation systems.  

2A:  What Can I Do With My Small Farm? - Melissa Fery, OSU Extension Service, Small Farms Faculty

Not all properties are created equal.  Soil, water, micro-climate and location all are important in determining what you can successfully do you with your small farm.  Your personal goals, values and interests also need considered.  This session will covers the many factors involved in making decisions related to the use of small-farm property. 

3A:  Tree Health in Douglas County - Ellen Goheen, US Forest Service Plant Pathologist

This class will focus on the major issues that affect tree health in Douglas County, including drought, forest insects, and forest diseases. We will review the major tree species in the  County and the major forest health issues. Additionally, we will discuss reasons for recent dieback and decline of Douglas-fir. Finally, we will also consider what management actions can be taken to ameliorate impacts.

4A:  Small Ruminant HealthDr. Charles Estill, OSU Extension Veterinarian

This class will provide information useful for both experienced as well as a beginning producer. Topics will include biosecurity, recognition of sick animals, modern approach to internal parasites, and diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses.

5A:  Training and Pruning Deciduous Fruit Trees - Steve Renquist, OSU Extension Service, Horticulture Agent

For small farm orchards it is critical to train and prune fruit trees to keep them compact to make pest management, fruit thinning, and harvest be more time efficient and effective. I will discuss several fruit tree training forms and how to achieve balanced trees that do not over yield or have too much vigor.

6A:  Tractor Maintenance Essentials - Earl Frazier, Umpqua Valley Tractor

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn how to do routine maintenance like checking fluids, changing filters and more.  This workshop will be outside, please dress appropriately for the weather.

Session B Classes

1B:  Pasture and Grazing Management: The Basics - Melissa Fery, OSU Extension Service, Small Farms Agent

Are you working to manage pasture for grazing animals and are not getting the quantity or quality of grass you'd expect?  Pastures under controlled grazing have less wasted forage, especially in the spring, and plants have an opportunity to rest and recover between pasture rotations, leading to increased forage production.  In this session we will cover topics such as how grass plants grow, rotational grazing systems and pasture fertility.

2B:  Soils:  The Foundation of Your Rural PropertyCassie Bouska, OSU Extension Service, Assistant Professor Agriculture

In this workshop you will learn about what soil is and how the soil on your property can make a difference in what you want to do there. We will cover physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of soil and learn about tools to assess soils on your property or property you are thinking about purchasing.

3B:  Identification of Native Southwest Oregon Trees - Alicia Jones, OSU Extension, Forestry & Natural Resources

Do you have trouble distinguishing white and black oaks? Have you ever wondered if that huge cedar is an incense, Port-Orford, or Western red? The more you know about your trees, the better you can care for them and improve their overall health. This workshop will give you all the tricks of the trade to identify the native trees in Douglas County - even the look-a-likes! We will also discuss the tree's life characteristics, habitat and range. Specimens will be available to enhance your learning experience! 

4B:  Small-Scale Poultry and Egg Production - James Hermes, OSU Extension, Poultry Specialist

Learn the ins and outs of raising chickens for egg production. Dr. James Hermes will cover topics including brooding and raising chicks, poultry nutrition, flock & bird health, breeds of poultry, and housing for poultry.

5B:  Preserving the Harvest: An Introduction to Food PreservationDouglas County Master Food Preservers

This fun filled workshop that will cover the dos and don'ts of safe home food preservation, including canning, freezing, drying, pickling, and making jams and jellies. You will also learn what equipment will you need as well as tips and tricks for quick and easy preservation so you can enjoy eating locally produced foods year round.

6B:  Chainsaw Safety & Operation (Part 1 of 2) - Mark Havel, Engineer, Havel Designs / Future Forestry Products Inc.

Take this class before you ever touch a chainsaw ideally, or of course to improve your felling techniques if you have years of experience already.  We will cover sharpening too, as well as overall safety and effectiveness. 

Session C Classes:

1C:  Pasture Weeds and Poisonous PlantsCassie Bouska, OSU Extension Service, Assistant Professor Agriculture

Presentation will cover common pasture weeds and control measures. It will also address common pasture plants that are poisonous to various classes of livestock.

2C:  Living With Your Well and Septic System - Chrissy Lucas, OSU Extension, Outreach Program Coordinator

Come learn about the basics of groundwater, water wells, and septic systems. Learn steps to protect the health of your family, neighbors, livestock, your property investment, and the safety of groundwater resources. Bring a 1/2 cup of untreated well water in any clean container for a free on the spot quick nitrate screening.

3C:  Wildfire: A Hot Topic - Kyle Reed, Fire Prevention Specialist, Douglas Forest Protective Association

Join the Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) for information about wildfire prevention, detection, and suppression for both small landowners and residential homeowners. This class will provide information on the following topics: public and industrial fire restrictions, wildland-urban interface issues, how to create defensible space, Firewise USA program, landowner/wildfire liability, what to do in the event of a wildfire, and a report on the 2017 fire season.

4C:  The Bee Project: Working Together to Keep Oregon Bee Friendly - Andony Melathopoulos, Assistant Professor, Department of Horticulture, Oregon State University

Did you know Oregon has over 500 species of bees, including four species that are actively managed in ingenious ways for crop pollination? Come and learn who these bees are and some of the weird and wonderful features of their lives. The talk will also provide an overview of a state-wide strategy to keep Oregon bee-friendly, a strategy that leverages the patchwork of pollinator-friendly crops and adjacent natural areas in order to strengthen the state’s agriculture. 

5C:  Selling Your Farm Products - Sara Runkel, OSU Extension, Small Farms and Food Systems Coordinator

Are you growing more than you can use or give away? Do you want to turn your hobby into a small business? Take this workshop to learn about farm direct marketing. We will discuss local marketing opportunities and rules and regulations for a wide range of farm products including fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, meat, poultry, dairy, value-added products, and plants.

6C:  Chainsaw Safety & Operation (Part 2 of 2, pre-requisite part 1) - Mark Havel, Engineer, Havel Designs / Future Forestry Products Inc.

Take this class before you ever touch a chainsaw ideally, or of course to improve your felling techniques if you have years of experience already.  We will cover sharpening too, as well as overall safety and effectiveness.

Ask an Expert Exhibitors:

Natural Resource Conservation Service, Farm Service Agency, OSU Master Gardeners, Douglas County Livestock Association...

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