MINISERIES: Day 2, Pressure Canning

Saturday, May 19, 2018 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Do you want to know how to make and preserve your soups and broths? Would you like the convenience of pulling a few jars from your cupboard and having dinner on the table in a few minutes?Our second class is on pressure canning which is how we safely preserve low acid foods including vegetables, soups, stews, stocks, meats and poultry. This class will begin with a brief discussion on food safety and the preserving equipment we will be using.We will talk about making stock and bone broth and how to preserve them.  You will take home a jar of preserved broth and a jar of preserved vegetables. This class will demonstrate the proper use of a pressure canner and show you what terms like “venting” mean.
There will be time for answering questions.

What to bring with you: everyone needs a pen or pencil and note paper.  Hands-On students also need to bring your favorite chef knife, a cutting board and a clean apron. Our lunch break is only 30 minutes so bring your lunch too. LIMIT: 25 hands-on participants. Register online at
Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center
569 Hanley Rd
Central Point
Sheila Lee
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