The Citizen Fire Academy (CFA) is a collaborative education and service program designed to increase the outreach capacity of fire agencies and ultimately to maintain and enhance fire-adapted communities.  The goal is to increase implementation of defensible space and other Firewise practices and build human capacity to deal with wildfire through education and volunteer service. or phone 541-776-7371.


How We Help Communities Think about Wildfire (video)

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Citizen Fire Academy gives you the tools you need to make a difference and change the outcome of a wildfire in your area.  After the training, you will know how prepare your property to survive wildfire and how to interact with your community to encourage everyone to take action.  You will get to know the people who are fight fires and learn from them how to spot vulnerabilities around your property. 

The comprehensive CFA curriculum covers fire science, home protection strategies, fuels reduction, living in a fire environment, evaluating risk, emergency planning, and volunteer outreach. The training will includes 35 hours of online and field-based instruction, taught by subject experts and tailored to local conditions.

            We would love for you to be a part of the growing movement to keep Oregon and Oregonians safe from catastrophic wildfire! If you are interested in being a part of this program, please contact the Citizen Fire Academy Coordinator for more details.

Upcoming Trainings

For more information on the Douglas County Citizen Fire Academy program, please contact:

Alicia Jones      541-236-3002 or

Kara Baylog    541-776-7371

 Citizen Fire Academy is teaming up with OSU Extension Land Stewards to put on a one day workshop: Firewise Techniques: Hands-on Training.  This workshop will get into the details about what you can do around your property to prepare for wildfire.  Learn how manage your defensible space, get hands-on experience selecting trees to thin, best ways to limb and leave a tree healthy, how to effectively build a burn pile and instruction in chainsaw maintenance.

To sign up, contact us at 541-776-7371 or Sign up at the Land Stewards registration page:                                                                                                                                               


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Course is open to Jackson, Josephine, Douglas & Klamath County residents


Kara Baylog, Citizen Fire Academy state-wide Coordinator 541.776.7371 x213


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