Forest Stewardship Plan Funding Update

From the Oregon Department of Forestry


  • Stewardship Foresters, interested family forestland owners and forestry consultants.


  •  Cost share funding for forest management plans [aka Forest Stewardship Plans].
  •  Funding can cover development of a new plan* or update** of an existing plan. See definitions below.
  •  Funding must be pre‐approved by the Oregon Department of Forestry before work on plan begins.
  •  Funding reimburses the landowner up to 75% of their out‐of‐pocket costs paid to a
  • consulting forester or other qualified natural resource professional for developing a forest
    management plan.
  •  The plan must be developed according to the Oregon Forest Management Planning Tools
  • and Guidelines and approved in writing by the local ODF Stewardship Forester.
  •  Current funding available is approximately $32,000.


  • Applications will be accepted through October 31, 2013. Landowners can apply by completing
  • a cost share application and submitting it to their local Stewardship Forester. Stewardship Foresters need to accept, qualify, and process landowner applications during this time period.


Oregon Department of Forestry

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Oregon Department of Forestry's Forest Stewardship Program

Oregon Forest Management Planning Website

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