Do you have a gardening question?
The Jackson County Master Gardener Plant Clinic should be your first stop.

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The Plant Clinic is staffed by Master Gardener volunteers.  They answer questions in person or on the phone.
The Plant Clinic is located at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, 569 Hanley Rd, Central Point, Oregon.

A Plant Clinic volunteer can be reached by phone at 541-776-7371, ext 204. E-mail your question and pictures

Plant Clinic Hours

10AM-2PM; M-F

Spring & Summer

541-776-7371, ext. 204

To receive the best possible answer to your query, you should:

  1. provide Master Gardener volunteers with as much information as possible, regarding your problem or your inquiry,
  2. provide a sample of the plant  or insect with which you have a concern,
  3. provide a photograph of the plant or section of your yard with which you have a concern especially when it is not possible to bring in a physical sample (E-mail) and
  4. allow the Master Gardener volunteers the time that they need to comprehensively research your question.

A Master Gardener volunteer will research an answer to your question, using a variety of library and online resources. It is important to remember that Master Gardener volunteers exclusively use non-biased, science-based information in their research. This restriction on the materials that Master Gardener volunteers can use, when providing a recommendation to the public, ensures that the answer you receive is high-quality and unbiased.

ASK AN EXPERT a question here.  Include some digital photos if possible. 

 Jackson County Master Gardener Saturday and Evening Class Schedule
Click here for the 2014 program schedule.
The Jackson County Master Gardener Program presents classes on a variety of home horticulture subjects to the public throughout the year.

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Jackson County Master Gardeners give gardening tips every week during the growing season on In the Garden on KDRV-TV.

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Gardening Encyclopedia

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