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  • Do you want to learn more about plants, growing things, and gardening?
  • Are you eager to participate in a practical and intensive training program?
  • Do you look forward to sharing your knowledge with people in your area?
  • Do you have time to attend training and to complete volunteer work?

If you answered yes to these questions, check out the Oregon Master GardenerTM program!

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What do Master GardenersTM do?

As a Master GardenerTM volunteer, you will work with the Jackson County OSU Extension program. What you do will vary according to Extension needs and your desires and availability. Examples of Master Gardener activities include:

  • Answering gardening questions at plant clinics.
  • Caring for demonstration gardens.
  • Assisting with community education programs.
  • Continual learning through tours, work and study.


What will I learn?

You will attend weekly, full-day classes on Wednesdays for thirteen weeks from mid-January through early April. It is a basic, practical course in plant science and horticulture. Individual sessions include:

Cultural methods of growing gardens, lawns, fruit trees, and landscape plants.

Pest identification and control methods.

Soil management and plant nutrition.

Diagnosis of plant problems.

And many more!


Beyond the classroom sessions, you will complete seventy (70) volunteer educational service hours. The volunteer period is both service to the community and the practicum part of Master Gardener training. You will work in the Plant Clinic helping answer questions from the public, propagate plants in the greenhouse, maintain demonstration gardens, teach children gardening skills or many other volunteer opportunities.

How do I sign up?   Directions to log in and register.

  Registration for 2018 Master Gardener Class is OPEN! 

Registration link is: 


Mail in registration form Here. Contact Rhianna Simes, Master Gardener Coordinator at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center at 541-776-7371, or send us an email with your question.

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