Small Woodlands E-News - August 2013


Welcome to the August 2013 E-Newsletter of SW Oregon Woodland News. Produced by OSU Extension Service, Jackson/Josephine Counties. Click on the titles below to be linked to articles and more information.

Josephine County Tree Farmer of The Year Tour (September14)

Join us for this woodland tour near Wilderville. Owners Harriet and Lary Harris make a unique team..[more]

Upcoming Programs

Small woodlands tours and programs, Land Stewards, and.. [more]

Citizen Fire Academy

This new Extension volunteer service program is designed to help create fire-adapted communities..[more]

Wildlife Trees in Managed Forests

Interested in wildlife? Give those trees with deformities or other defects a second look..[more]

Bill and Mary Potterf Are Volunteers of The Year

Bill and Mary Potterf of Grants Pass have consistently stepped up to serve the Small Woodlands Association..[more]

Friends of Research & Extension (FORE) Update

FORE is working hard to create a secure funding source for the local Extension office..[more]

Potential Fuels Reduction Opportunity for Josephine County Homeowners

Josephine County homeowners living in area at-risk of wildfire may be eligible for assistance to reduce hazardous fuels and fire risks on their properties..[more]


From the news

Editor’s note: These links are provided with the knowledge that a single newspaper or web story seldom provides the full context or all the details about a particular issue, let alone the “best science.” My intent is to provide a snapshot of forest-related issues that are currently in the public eye and may be of interest to you, the reader. I also provide links to analyses that I think are particularly insightful. Articles are gleaned from various e-newsletters and other sources that cross my desk – and I only read a fraction of these!


Congress Eyes Plan To Ramp Up Oregon Timber Harvest (NPR)

Oregon's Congressional members are working on a plan that would dramatically increase logging on some federally-owned forest land in the southwest corner of the state…

Oregon’s Timber Harvest Up From 2009 Recession Low (Earthfix)

Oregon’s timber harvest last year was up 36 percent from its 2009 recession low…

West Could Lose Ponderosa Pine Forests (Payson Roundup)

The ponderosa pine forests that remain Rim Country’s biggest draw could fade away as a result of rising temperatures, deepening drought and spreading wildfires, according to a recent study published in Forest Ecology and Management..

Climate Change Threatens Forest Survival on Drier, Low-elevation Sites (OSU News)

Predicted increases in temperature and drought in the coming century may make it more difficult for conifers such as ponderosa pine to regenerate after major forest fires on dry, low-elevation sites..

Wildlife Officials Move Ahead With Killing Barred Owls (Earthfix)

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced today that it will experiment with shooting barred owls in Northwest forests to keep these aggressive birds from crowding out their more genteel cousins..

What 3.6 Degrees Means for Snowpack In The Western Cascades (OPB)

Rising temperatures will reduce the peak snowpack in the Cascades slopes east of Eugene, Ore. by more than fifty percent, according to a climate study Oregon State University researchers published Thursday…

Northwest Large Fire Information Summary (NW Interagency Fire Center)

Information about large fires in the PNW…


Information about local wildfires from Oregon Department of Forestry, SW Oregon District

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