Small Woodlands E-News - June 2013

Welcome to the June 2013 E-Newsletter of SW Oregon Woodland NewsProduced by OSU Extension Service, Jackson/Josephine Counties. Click on the titles below to be linked to articles and more information. 

Jackson County Extension Office Budget - Update
A message from Superintendent and Staff Chair Phil VanBuskirk…[more]

Local Research Brief: Response of Older Trees to Thinning
How do older Douglas-fir trees respond to thinning? An Extension research project in the Applegate provides some clues…[more]

Meet Your Extension Service: Streamwise Program
OSU Extension’s StreamWise natural resources education program has linked up with two seventh grade classes from the Talent Middle School on a salmon habitat restoration project on Bear Creek..[more]

ExtensionSouthern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative-update
The Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative (SOFRC), formerly known as the "Small Diameter Collaborative," recently submitted its Strategy for Southwest Oregon Forests to the BLM's planning team for the new Resource Management Plan for SW Oregon…[more]

Steve Bridges and Dave Henneman receive Bill MacKenzie Distinguished Service Awards
Southern Oregon’s woodland owners are indebted to the services provided by these two remarkable professionals who went beyond the call of duty…[more]

National Woodland Owners Survey – Preliminary Results  (Forest Service Research)
What’s the largest single ownership type of forests in the United States?  Is it federal land (Forest Service and BLM)?  Forest industry land?  It’s neither – family forest ownerships (small woodland owners) control more forest land than any other ownership type!  Take a look at this interesting presentation to learn more about woodland owners across the nation…[more]

From the news
Editor’s note: These links are provided with the knowledge that a single newspaper or web story seldom provides the full context or all the details about a particular issue, let alone the “best science.”  My intent is to provide a snapshot of forest-related issues that are currently in the public eye and may be of interest to you, the reader.  I also provide links to analyses that I think are particularly insightful.  Articles are gleaned from various e-newsletters and other sources that cross my desk – and I only read a fraction of these!

National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook  (National Interagency Fire Center)

Good Fire, Bad Fire: An Ecologist’s Perspective (Nature Conservancy)
The 2012 Pacific Northwest wildfire season was one for the record books…

Wyden Offers O&C Legislation… (Albany Tribune)
Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) announced Thursday a framework for legislation to resolve century old O&C Lands issues that he plans to introduce and see passed into law…

Rough & Ready Lumber, Josephine County's last sawmill, a casualty ..(OregonLive)
Here lies Rough & Ready Lumber. The last sawmill in Josephine County closes next week, a grim milestone in the persistent stalemate over logging that's peculiar to this unique corner of Oregon…

Poll: Oregonians Favor Limited Logging Approach (EarthFix)
A majority of Oregon voters favor protections for the so-called O&C forest lands in Western Oregon…

Mill Delay Set Back Thinning (AzDailySun)
It was this month that a Montana-based company had planned to break ground on a $200 million mill in Winslow as part of the biggest forest restoration project in the United States…

Watering the forest for the trees' emerging as priority … (Forest Service)
A new analysis led by the U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station encourages resource managers to consider a broadened view of forests as consumers of water…

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