Logprice Update




This chart shows selected log price trends for southern Oregon species from Oregon Department of Forestry surveys.   These are not current log prices but are an indicator of trends.  Data for pine and whitewoods are from out of the area due to more buyers. Log diameters are small end, log lengths are generally 32 foot +. Prices for logs within each species and grade can vary due to quality (grain, knots, etc).



               PP 8-14"               Ponderosa pine 4M/5M, Klamath Co survey

               DF2S                     Douglas-fir 2S (12" +), Jackson/Josephine Co survey

               DF3S                     Douglas-fir 3S (<12"), Jackson/Josephine Co survey

WF2S                    White fir/Hemlock 2S (12"+), Douglas, Coos Co survey

Where can you sell logs?  How much are they paying?  A good place to start is the Oregon Forest Industry Directory (www.orforestdirectory.com).  Check under “Log buyers – by species”, click on the species, and click on “Southwest” under region to get a list of SW Oregon buyers.  You can also look at this list of SW Oregon sawmills.  There is no set price for logs – it depends on what you have to offer in terms of species, size, length, quality, etc. and a particular buyer’s need at a particular point in time. 


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