Tools & equipment

Forestry Tools.  Here is a list of useful forest management tools, from the “must-have” to more specialized tool.

Tree identification & forest ecology

Common Trees of the Pacific NorthwestA helpful website with good pictures.

SW Oregon tree species talents (10 slides).  Learn more about the personalities of our native forest tree species, from Douglas-fir to oaks.   

SW Oregon’s forests: unique & challenging (2 pages).  Great introduction to local forests and current issues in managing them. 

SW Oregon forest ecology highlights (23 slides).

Management planning

Management planning for woodland owners: why and how

To do list for new woodland owners Things to do in the first 1-2 years. 

Thinning your forest

Why thin your forest? (11 slides)

Thinning basics (15 slides)

Protecting your home & property from wildfire

Protecting Your Home & Forest From Wildfire  (on-line presentation, 12 minutes). 

Reducing Fire Risk on Your Forest Property  (publication,  40 pages).  Detailed information about making your property more fire-safe. 

Table 1: Fuels Reduction Options

Reducing hazardous fuels on woodland properties: disposing of woody material (publication, 4 pages).

More information

OSU Extension Woodland Stewardship class website

Know Your Forest website

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