Small Woodlands E-News - February 2015

SW Oregon Woodland E-News – February 2015 

 Forests and Forestry in Chile and Argentina.  7 pm, Thursday, February 19, 2015, OSU Extension Auditorium, 569 Hanley Rd, Central Point.  Imagine Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine trees growing faster than they do in the Pacific Northwest and giant Alerce trees, almost redwood-like in girth.  In some ways very similar to Oregon, and in other ways wildly different, Chile and Argentina contain some of the most diverse and productive forests in the world.  Local Extension Forestry Agent Max Bennett recently visited central Chile while small woodland owners Don and Ellen Goheen spend time in the Argentinian Andes. Together they present a visual tour of forests and forestry in the two regions….Flyer.

 Mark your calendars: Tree School Rogue and Living on the Land set for April 25

We’ve taken these two popular programs and combined them into one dynamic conference, scheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2015 at Rogue Community College, Grants Pass.  Do you own or manage acreage in southern Oregon?  Do you have a small farm or a small woodlot?  Are you thinking about acquiring property?  Are you a land manager, or simply a natural resource enthusiast?  If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, then this conference is for you!   Stay tuned for details; the registration brochure goes out in early March. 

 Meet our new Land Steward program coordinator

OSU Extension Instructor Rachel Werling has taken over as Coordinator of the Land Steward program.  Meet Rachel and learn what’s new with the LS program. 

 OSU Extension job opportunity: Citizen Fire Academy coordinator

The OSU Extension Service is recruiting for an Education Program Assistant 2 to coordinate the Citizen Fire Academy program and assist with other Extension Forestry and Natural Resources programs.  View the posting here.  The posting number is 0013888.  The posting closes Feb. 27.  For information, contact Extension Agent Max Bennett,; (541) 776-7371 x221

 Trails create access – a success story

They lived on their steeply wooded mountainside above Ashland for years but the property owners never ventured into their 10-acre forest other than a brief, barely remembered foray or two.  That all changed with construction of a trail network that was easier to build than they ever thought possible…(Read the full story here and check out the fun videos of bears using the trails).

 The Humungous Fungus

What’s bigger than a whale yet hides out of sight?  What could fill 250 semi trucks yet spreads itself thin?  Former OSU Forest Health Extension Specialist Greg Filip provides the answer in this Oregon Field Guide segment

 Oregon Forest Facts and Figures

This new publication from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute is a handy reference for data on forest ownership, harvest levels, growth versus removals, and much more. 


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