What is 4-H?

A good description of the 4-H program in Oregon is given in the publication Facts About 4-H (4-H 0244L).

The CLOVER answers more detailed questions about the statewide 4-H program.


4th- 12th Grade Membership

Members enroll in clubs and select a project or multiple projects to

explore. Most clubs meet once a month. Leaders guide members as

they set goals, work on their projects and evaluate their finished product...

often that includes competing at the County Fair. The project is an

important part of their 4-H experience but it is truly a means to an end,

that of developing valuable life skills such as public speaking,

decision-making, responsibility, meeting etiquette, recordkeeping,

leadership, etc. Once enrolled in the 4-H program, there are many

activities and events from which to choose.

4-H Adventures for K - 3rd grade

4-H Adventures members do activities that teach them about recycling,

foods & nutrition, caring for small animals, Family Celebrations Around

the World, bicycles, arts & crafts, outdoors, and much more! Clubs may

focus on one topic or dabble in a variety of topics. Our members gain confidence,

develop a positive self-concept, a love for learning, and an understanding of

and appreciation for social and cultural diversity. This program for our youngest

members emphasizes cooperation and excludes competitive events. Adventure

members are invited to do a display at the County Fair. Leaders and families

determine when, where and how often to meet.



For more information about 4-H, contact:


Dale Larson, Jackson County 4-H & Youth Development

Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center

569 Hanley Road

Central Point , OR 97502-1251

(541) 776-7371 ext. 205

mail to: Dale.larson@oregonstate.edu