Small Farms

The goal of the Small Farms program is to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of small farms by employing appropriate scale production and marketing techniques.  The program works toward improving small farm horticultural production and small-scale livestock, poultry & forage production. Specialty, organic, pasture-raised and niche crop production is emphasized.


CREATING the FARM LIFE YOU WANT: An Introduction to Holistic Farm Management
July 7, Tuesday, 5:30 pm; $20.00   REGISTER ON LINE

Do you feel constantly torn between work and family priorities? Does the treadmill seems to go faster and faster, but not bring you closer to your goals?

Holistic Management is a decision-making framework that helps us handle the complexity of the natural systems we manage while balancing social, environmental and economic needs. The model will be discussed and demonstrated. This is a participatory workshop where you can immediately see how to apply the basics to your life. Couples, $30

July 19, Sunday; 3-5 pm 
$5.00 one; $8.00 couple or farm partners  REGISTER ON LINE
OSU Extension Auditorium, Jackson County-
Speaker: Andrea Elizabeth Burniske, International Extension Program Coordinator


August 3, Monday, 3 pm
The Down and Dirty: Soil Building Secrets for Greener Gardens and Farms

Details to follow. Mark your calendars.

October 14, Wednesday, 6 pm:
Poisonous Plants-Minimize the risk to grazing/browsing animals
Mark your calendars! Details to follow.

Note: Partial scholarships are available for some classes and programs.  Please inquire with the small farms program.  Scholarship Application for selected OSU Small Farms events

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Objectives of the Small Farm Program:

  • Offer a wide variety of classes, many topics suggested by our local farmers, to become the resource they need for education and answers 
  • Improve stewardship practices of small acreage landowners;
  • Land management: improve soil and water quality and conservation;
  • Small farm alternative and specialty marketing (through local and regional food systems and farm direct marketing channels).
  • Facilitate farmers knowing other farmers




Note: Partial scholarships are available for some classes and programs.  Please inquire with the small farms program.  Scholarship Application for OSU Small Farms

Rogue Farm Corps Often partners with OSU Extension Small Farms, sharing the goal of farming education.

Photo of Maud PowellAbout Maud Powell, OSU Extension Small Farms Faculty: Maud has an M.A. from Antioch University Seattle in Environment and Community Studies, and received her B.A. from Swarthmore College in Comparative Religion. She and her husband have owned and operated Wolf Gulch Farm, a small diversified vegetable and seed farm, in the Little Applegate Valley, for ten years. Maud worked for four years as the Project Manager for the Siskiyou Sustainable Cooperative, and currently coordinates their Community Supported Agriculture Program. Maud is passionate about reinvigorating rural communities by strengthening local economies and increasing food and fiber production.  541-776-7371, ext. 208

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For any further information contact:

Maud Powell
Small Farms
Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center
569 Hanley Road
Central Point , OR 97502
(541) 776-7371 x208