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Annual 4-H Fundraiser – Dinner and Auction

Date: March 9th, 2018 

Event Location: Padgham Building at the EXPO Fairgrounds

Every year, we talk about this event, the “annual benefit dinner and auction,” but what exactly is it? The dinner and auction is a fundraiser for the Jackson County 4-H Association. Attendees eat exquisite food that is served by volunteer 4-H members and participate in a silent and live auction with items donated from clubs and community sponsors. The money raised on this night goes into the general fund of the Association, who then invest it directly back into our kids and our program. The Association provides money for every project area (LEGO robotics kits, goat fitting stands, etc.), they fund scholarships to help graduating seniors, they provide financial assistance for youths who cannot afford enrollment fees or the cost of different 4-H events and retreat, they provide most of the funds to put on Lobster Creek every year, they help to send our members and teams to national and state level events, and, over all, fund the program with general financial assistance. Our program would be significantly less affordable without our Association and the funds this function earns each year.

An event such as the benefit dinner and auction is impossible without many generous donors and a small army of volunteers—and this is where you come in! There are several ways you can help make this function possible, and we hope you decide to help!

  •  As a club or individual, put together a basket of items for us to auction off. The basket can be worth upwards of $20 and can follow a certain theme (i.e. movie night, dog care kit, or the coveted local restaurant gift card basket) or simply be a collection of items or service offers.
  • Clubs and individuals can also donate single, high-dollar items or services (i.e. a refurbished bookshelf, a certificate for a round of golf, an offer for your club to come do two hours of yardwork, etc.)
  • Volunteer your time to come assist on the actual day of the auction! We use youth members who are in high school to serve and can use adults beforehand in the coordination of the auction.
  • You can actually attend the dinner and auction! You can purchase individual seats for $35 or a table of eight for $250.  Tickets can be bought from members of the auction committee or at the Extension Center.

We need every donation we can get and appreciate every person who attends the dinner and auction, as well! Please contact Cari Brotherton at 541-621-0955 to coordinate the donation of items.

Jackson County 4-H Board of Directors (2017-2018)

John Cox – President, 541-261-0485

Steve Tarr – Vice-President, 541-840-3684

Vicki Noelle – Secretary, 541-840-3619

June Brock – Treasurer, 541-664-5036

Kristy Artman – Director, 541-292-0175

Jill Estes – Director, 541-734-5577

Kathy McGoffin – Director, 541-951-1602

Charles Miller – Director (community member), 541-531-1703

Kathie Ordal – Director, 541-535-4012

Kim Shelton – Director, 541-951-7376

Brandee Tolner – Director, 541-899-9935

Vacant Position - Community Member at Large

Jenny Magerle – Advisor, 541-664-2446

Diane Miller – Advisor, 541-531-1703

Kyle Estes – Advisor, 541-734-5577