Recognition & Scholarships


It is no secret that the cost of higher education is constantly on the rise and all of us here at Jackson County 4-H want to help alleviate that burden for our 4-H families. We have put together a booklet containing information about the scholarships we offer here locally as well as state 4-H scholarships with instructions on how to apply. As an additional resource to our youth, we have included a number of other scholarships which 4-H members in the past have qualified for or won. 4-H teaches many useful skills, and these skills can be applied in all areas of life; therefore, our youth are eligible to apply for many scholarships! We hope this is a helpful resource for our graduating seniors as they leave our program and head into the world.

2018 Scholarship Booklet

2018 Association and Dennis Nevin Memorial Scholarship Application

2018 Mike Dode Memorial Scholarship Application