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Are you interested in competing in a contest intent on teaching you important and valuable life skills? Do you want to be able to apply for 4-H state and local scholarships when you graduate? Or simply have all your leadership positions and volunteer hours accounted for over the course of nine years? Well then, we have the perfect contest for you! In order to compete in the record book contest, you will need to put together your record book. Your binder will contain your current and past project records, your 4-H resume, and your 4-H story, along with a few other small details. 

Binder Details

Pdf Record Book Handbook 2017

Necessary Documents

My Resume – Word

My Resume – Pdf fillable

My 4-h project record pdf fillable

Sample format for “My 4-H Story”

Pdf sample format for My Story

Pdf Story Score Sheet

Additional Information – See State Link

4-H Project Records: