4-H Fourthoughts Newsletter Oct-Nov 2014 Supplement

FOURTHOUGHTS, October-November 2014 update, Supplement

In lieu of a regular edition of the 4-H Forethoughts to cover October 2014 and the beginning of November, we are publishing this supplement to keep you informed of news that has come across our desk. Our next full edition of the Forethoughts will be sent out by early November. Please NOTE that due to budget constraints, this is being sent only to households that do have a valid email address, and will be posted to our 4-H website.

NOTE: Last issue of the 4-H Fourthoughts (September-October) had the CORRECT DATE for the 2015 Jackson County Fair. It will be open to the public from July 21-26, 2015 (the third FULL week of July).  4-H EVENTS PAGE

October 24-25, Friday & Saturday — Fall PLASTIC ROUND-UP, from 9 am to 4 pm at the Jackson County Expo, Gate 1½

Nursery pots, bubble wrap, baling twine, snack food bags, discs, irrigation components, lawn chairs and toys are among the long list of plastics accepted for recycling at the Jackson County Plastic Round-up. Gather plastic from your home, garden, garage and business to keep it out of the landfill, and have it recycled into new materials.

Only clean, presorted plastic will be accepted. Pre-sort plastic into 3 categories: soft plastic, hard plastic and nursery plastic. There will be a residential fee of $5 per household; the fee for large loads and businesses is $5 per yard.

Go to: http://media.campaigner.com/media/45/457365/Flyer_2014%20Fall%20Round%20Up_bw.pdf

November 1, Saturday – MEMBERS RECOGNITION NIGHT, starting at 5:30 in the Extension Auditorium. A hotdog/hamburger dinner will be served, and caramel apples and popcorn snacks will be available after the program. Program will be recognizing our youths’ accomplishments over the past year, announcing the record book winners in the various project areas, and naming the “best over all” for each First-Yr Junior, Junior, Intermediate and Senior level. $$$ will be given to winners as stated in Anne Manlove’s email of September 9. There will also be a canned food drive. Mark your calendars!

Photos of this year’s activities are needed if we are to have a year-end slide show. Send to Tanner Brotherton at ctbro5@msn.com no later than Oct. 25. Note: If you have already sent your photos to Cari Brotherton or Diane Miller, do not send them again. We are short on photos of several project areas.


There are still a lot of State Fair exhibits that need to be picked up. They are currently being stored in the Extension Center Conference Room.

GREAT NEWS!  This year’s Premium Checks will be worth $1 each point. Checks will only be issued to exhibitors earning more than 5 points for the year. They will be printed soon but cannot be available until we get the money to back them up. We are hoping that it will happen by the end of October/beginning of November.

Job Opportunity: We are looking for an adult with web design knowledge and social media experience within our membership. Job details yet to be determined. Interested members should contact Anne Manlove at manlove.a@oregonstate.edu.

Available for 4-H families: Cages, nesting boxes, feeders, watering units and more (that areusable for small animals) are being donated by a former pigeon raiser, to any 4-H familieswho can use them. Call Pete Price (541-941-2774) who lives near 7-mile marker of ButteFalls Hwy on Crowfoot Road.

Open Riding Rates at Expo: We have been asked to post the following Open Riding

Rates—$5 daily (if you ride less than 5 times a month),  

$25 monthly (September through May),

$130 Season Pass, Sept. 1-May 31 (best value).

A new “Camp Host” is on the grounds to check for compliance. Questions? Call Lori Burk, 541-774-8271.

 Find updates on the 4-H EVENTS page.