Soil Health Monthly Classes until August

The Josephine SWCD will host a progressive series of monthly workshops to help producers, professionals, landowners, and students gain awareness of soil health and the risk of soil degradation. 

Soil Health is an often over-looked asset that can impact the productivity and viability of agricultural enterprises. Farmers, ranchers, landowners, and resource managers that understand soil health and recognize some soil physical characteristics might be able to lower production costs, reduce some frustration that comes with farming, and improve environmental health. 

Farming and ranching practices that improve soil health result in less surface and groundwater contamination. These workshops will help farmers and ranchers understand how soil health management helps producers to comply with agricultural water quality laws (SB 1010) and decrease environmental impacts.
Workshop attendees will

  1. Gain awareness of soil health principles. 
  2. Explore in-field methods to assess soil health and discover lab-based soil health assessments.
  3. Learn how plant diversity and cover crops help build soil and lower production costs.
  4. Access online soil health and crop insurance information
  5. Build relationships with other farmers, ranchers, agricultural professionals, and local agricultural businesses.

Soil Health Workshop dates, times, and locations.

1. April 24, 2014: " A primer on soil health" - April 24th 6-8 pm to (Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass) COMPLETED

2. May 22, 2014: "Maintaining soil organic matter on farms and pastures" (Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass) COMPLETED

3. June 26, 2014: "Soil fertility, organic fertilizers, and OSU's cover crop calculator" (Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass)

4. July 24, 2014: "Soil structure, aggregate stability, and water infiltration" (Fruitdale Grange, 1440 Parkdale Drive, Grants Pass) 

5. August , 2014: "Soil quality assessments in the field" (Date, time, and location yet to be determined)

For more information or to RSVP, please contact Chris Pirosko at the Josephine SWCD.

Office phone #: 541-474-6840


These workshops are funded by the USDA Risk Management Education Partnership Program and cost-shared by Oregon Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Water Quality Program

Christopher Pirosko