Southern Oregon Viticulture and Enology

Viticulture is a developing program at SOREC.  The priority mission of the program is to continually identify and respond to the technical and educational support needs of winegrape growers in Jackson, Josephine, and Douglas Counties.  As the program develops there will be opportunities to secure funding for demonstration and educational projects aimed to provide specific and broad support for the increasing number and diversity of grape growers in Southern Oregon.

The Program aims to achieve this objective by:

  • Collaborative relationships with vineyard managers.
  • Commercial grower inquiries. Contact the Viticulture Advisor with any inquiry concerning vineyard establishment and management. 
  • Information and technology conducted by OSU scientists around the state.
  • Educational outreach is achieved through class programs and one-on-one consultations.  
  • Rogue Valley Winegrowers Association resource and contact.


Viticulture Newsletter: From the Grapevine, Winter 2014/15

From the Grapevine, Summer 2014
From The Grapevine, Spring 2014  


Field Guide IMP (Integrated Pest Management) in Pacific Northwest VINEYARDS, PNW 644



pruning grapes

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