Small Woodlands E-News - November 2012

Welcome to the November 2012 E-Newsletter of SW Oregon Woodland News.  Produced by OSU Extension Service, Jackson/Josephine Counties. Click on the titles below to be linked to articles and more information. 

Bark Beetle Management in Pines: November 15, Small Woodlands program
OSU Extension Auditorium, Jackson County
Are bark beetles getting your goat?  This program, presented by entomologist Dr. Bill Schaupp, will cover diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of bark beetle in pines.  Come with your questions.  Flyer

Thinning Your Woodland: November 14
Josephine County Extension Auditorium, Grants Pass
Do you have a forest or small woodland?  Are your trees too dense and you want to do some thinning, but aren’t sure how to go about it?  This is the class for you.  Flyer

Sources of Seedlings

If you’re thinking about planting some tree seedlings this winter, now is the time to get cracking on finding those trees.  Seedlings for SW Oregon seed zones are often hard to find, especially in small quantities.  Local nurseries are one place to start.  Here are possible sources of native plants  in general.  The Oregon Department of Forestry’s has an extensive list of nurseries,
as well as helpful seed zone maps.  Remember when ordering to get seedlings from your seed zone and elevation band.  For more information on these topics see this excellent publication on reforestation

You Can Observe a Lot by Watching (Your Roads)
When it’s raining hard outside is the perfect time to head outside and check out your road system.  Is water running off the road – or down the middle?  Are the culvert flowing freely – or plugged up with sediment or debris?  Now is the time to find out.  Read more to learn about disconnecting your roads from streams…

Twenty five years of managing vegetation in conifer plantations
This publication by two experienced silviculturists and researchers summarizes the results of 32 studies conducted over 25 years in northern California that focused on releasing planted trees from brush and grass competition. 

From the news

Editor’s note: These links are provided with the knowledge that a single newspaper or web story seldom provides the full context or all the details about a particular issue, let alone the “best science.”  My intent is to provide a snapshot of forest-related issues that are currently in the public eye and may be of interest to you, the reader.  I also provide links to analyses that I think are particularly insightful.  Articles are gleaned from various e-newsletters and other sources that cross my desk – and I only read a fraction of these!

Northwest Wildfires Hanve Burned Record Number of Acres In 2012
(EarthFix SOPTV)
  Although the fire season was quiet locally, it was a “hot” season regionally, with Oregon and Washington experiencing a record number of acres burned…

The Battle of Rainbow Ridge
(Corvallis Gazette Times)

County timber sale is a test site for a controversial new forest policy…

Governor Appoints Panel on Timber Counties Funding
(EarthFix SOPTV)

Gov. John Kitzhaber has asked a newly named panel to come up with a proposal by next year to send to Congress that will improve funding for counties and boost timber production, without harming habitat for salmon and other wildlife…

Explosive Growth in Sudden Oak Death
(SF Chronicle)

The number of oak trees in California that died from the virulent forest disease known as sudden oak death has increased tenfold in just a year's time as the pathogen spread into several new parts of the Bay Area…

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