Small Woodlands E-News - November 2013

SW Oregon Woodland E-News – November 2013 – OSU Extension Forestry & Natural Resources Program, Jackson & Josephine Counties

Small Woodlands Program Thursday Nov. 21, 7 pm: Fantastic Fungi Fuel Forest Growth
Expand your understanding of the central role that fungi play in the dynamic life of a forest…

Educational Programs of Interest

Oregon Master Naturalist
Carbon Offset Symposium

Cost share funding for thinning and other treatments through NRCS
The first application deadline is December 20.  Priority will be given to applications within the Pleasant Creek, Wards Creek, Sardine Creek, Foots Creek and Thompson Creek…

Forestry in Chile
Standing in the mist, amidst lush greenery and surrounded by acres of tall fir trees, it seemed like western Oregon – only this was Chile, almost 7,000 miles from the heart of the Douglas-fir region… 

Getting to Know Mistletoe
This Northwest-native parasitic plant can be viewed as a pest, as a resource, or both…

Shrubs to Know in Pacific Northwest Forests
The long-awaited Shrubs to Know in Pacific Northwest Forests is a fine companion to the popular Trees to Know in Oregon guide, and would make a nice gift for your botanically-inclined loved one…

Climate Change in the Northwest: Projections from the Oregon Climate Change Research Institute OCCRI has just published a 230-page report with projections of the effects of climate change on water, forests, and other resources in the Pacific Northwest.    The 2-page summary provides a good snapshot of model projections, with more details in the Executive Summary, or dive into the full report.  

From the news

Editor’s note: These links are provided with the knowledge that a single newspaper or web story seldom provides the full context or all the details about a particular issue, let alone the “best science.”  My intent is to provide a snapshot of forest-related issues that are currently in the public eye and may be of interest to you, the reader.  I also provide links to analyses that I think are particularly insightful.  Articles are gleaned from various e-newsletters and other sources that cross my desk – and I only read a fraction of these!

China’s Building Boom Revives Log Export Debate  (OPB)

If you want to know how China’s construction market is reshaping the Northwest, a Rainier, Ore., log yard is a good place to start…

EarthFix Conversations: What Chinese Demand For Logs Means For NW Mills  (EarthFix)
China’s new demand for logs may be blunting economic troubles for timberland owners and logging crews, while making things worse for Northwest sawmills…

Climate change affecting North American forests, researchers find  (Washington Post)
Climate change is making North American forests more vulnerable to insects and disease but is helping some trees grow faster and increase their resistance to pests, a team of researchers from Dartmouth College said Monday…

What Climate Change Means For Northwest’s Rivers, Coasts and Forests (EarthFix)
Northwest residents from Idaho farmers to Puget Sound tribes will be impacted by climate change, according to a new report written by scientists at Oregon State University and the University of Washington.

The Barry Point Fire: Taking Stock of the Lessons Learned (OFRI)
The lightning storm rolled over the Fremont-Winema National Forest on Aug. 5, 2012. No rain, just lightning. It had already been a hot, dry summer..

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