Current Projects are displayed in Microsoft PowerPoint or Word format and available on the following pages:

  • Maximizing Brief Encounters: Realizing Measurable Gains

The Northwest Health Foundation funded an 18 month project to train the volunteers who deliver meals to hombound elders. Results of the project are displayed in detail. The curriculums will be available for purchase in the Fall of 2003. View a PowerPoint of this project...

  • Memory difficulties: Should I Be Worried?

This one to two hour presentation gives individuals, families, and professional caregivers an improved understanding of age-related and memory impairment. It introduces ways to more effectively deal with memory change and provides a memory road map. The presentation is constantly updated as new memory research becomes available. View a PowerPoint of this lesson. Other classes in the Healthy Aging area include:

Preventing Disease and Promoting Health
The class focuses on providing practical and basic health promotion and disease prevention information, advising the participants how to maintain (and even improve) their health in later years.

Driving Decisions in Later Life
The class explores the significance of driving in our lives, age-related changes that can affect driving safety and things to consider when approaching an older person about his or her driving.

Sensory Changes in Later Life
Sensory changes can affect the way we see, hear, taste, smell and respond to touch and pain. This class explains the sensory changes older people experience and introduces coping strategies for the individual involved and for his/her family and friends.

Depression Management for the Older Adult
This class helps the older individual and the family members understand the challenge of depressive illness. It reviews what triggers depression in the older adult and assesses options and innovations for treatment.

Keeping the Folks Independent: Ways to Maintain Elderly Parents in their Own Homes
This class examines the decision-making necessary for families when older adults are having difficulties living independently. It reviews the array of available products and resources that can maintain an elderly person in his/her own home.

Changing Family Relationships: Coping and Caring
Using a case study approach, this calls deals with changing family dynamics when caregiving is required. The class explores innovative strategies for managing caregiving responsibilities.

  • Medicines and You

Oregon State University (OSU) Extension, in collaboration with the OSU College of Pharmacy and the Rogue Valley of Governments' Senior and Disability Services has developed an interactive presentation on managing prescription drugs. The target audience is individuals who want/need practical information about medication management and medication safety. The might be the clients themselves or the professionals supporting them.

The educational information in the presentation focuses on:

  • How age affects medications (Examples: metabolism, memory)
  • Common medication problems (Example: forgetting behaviors, dosage problems, swallowing difficulties)
  • Signs of medications reactions (Examples: confusion, disorientation, food/drug interactions)
  • Simple, practical ways to protect against medication risks

The core offering is a one-hour session on medication management often coupled with a 3rd year Pharmacy Intern at Oregon State University's College of Pharmacy in doing the presentations and accompanying brown bag reviews..

This medication management program is supported by funds available through the Older Americans Act and cooperatively offered by OSU Extension and the OSU College of Pharmacy without cost. View a PowerPoint of this lesson...


This PowerPoint Presentation is one of several classes on food borne illness and food safety available through extension faculty in Jackson and Josephine Counties. Please visit the Family Food Education Volunteers (FFEV) web site.  View a PowerPoint of one of the classes...


Please visit the statewide Family and Community Health Site.

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