Small Woodlands E-News - September 2012

Welcome to the September 2012 E-Newsletter of SW Oregon Woodland News.
Produced by OSU Extension Service, Jackson/Josephine Counties.
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Thin for Quality and Vigor: September 20 Small Woodlands Program
Your chainsaw is fired up and you’re ready to cut some trees in your overly dense stand…  Which ones?  How do you decide?  This program focuses on tree selection in thinning based on individual tree vigor and potential to meet various objectives, rather than pre-determined spacing rules.  Workshop flyer

Managing for Older Forest Structure in Mid-Seral Forests: An Ecological Forestry Workshop (Sept 28)
This workshop, sponsored by OSU Extension, will explore approaches to promoting older forest characteristics in middle-aged stands.  The intended audience for the workshop is foresters, and natural resource professionals. Workshop flyer

Native Plant Propagation Workshop
The Applegate Partnership & Watershed Council will be hosting Tami Jebb, BLM horticulturalist at Sprague Nursery, to teach an afternoon Native Plant Propagation Workshop on Friday, September 14th, at the Applegate Library.  Workshop flyer

STREAMSIDE GARDENING - A Workshop for Home-Owners Who Landscape or Garden along Streams & Rivers
If you are gardening near streams or water, whether “in town” or in the countryside, this is the workshop for you. Learn about a variety of native trees, plants, planting techniques and weed control—practical tips that will improve the quality of life for you, your neighbors, and the fish and other wildlife that live nearby.  The workshop will be offered in three locations – choose the one most convenient for you.  Workshop flyer

Streamside gardening for beauty & habitat
I once owned a small parcel of land along a creek in the Evans Valley.  The creek and the woods alongside it were my favorite parts of the property, a constant source of relaxation and beauty…[read more]

From the news

Editor’s note: These links are provided with the knowledge that a single newspaper or web story seldom provides the full context or all the details about a particular issue, let alone the “best science.”  My intent is to provide a snapshot of forest-related issues that are currently in the public eye and may be of interest to you, the reader.  I also provide links to analyses that I think are particularly insightful.  Articles are gleaned from various e-newsletters and other sources that cross my desk – and I only read a fraction of these!

Biomass Economics 101: Using slash and other wood waste to generate electricity or biofuels seems like a great opportunity, but the economics are daunting.  This article by Jay O’Laughlin of the University of Idaho provides a clear and succinct overview of a sometimes confusing topic. 

A Natural Disaster in Slow Motion: The Emerald Ash Borer.  This series of articles from the Daily Herald (Chicago area) shows what can happen when an invasive insect gets established – and the results are not pretty.  

Also on the invasive species front is the discouraging news from the Oregon Invasive Species Council that “Sudden Oak Death is here to stay”, despite dedicated efforts by a number of partners.  Read more to find out what the options are from this point forward.   

The impact on water quality of the application of herbicides in commercial forestry operations has long been a contentious issue.  A recent study by the McKenzie river watershed (east of Eugene) looked at pesticides in drinking water from urban, agricultural, and forestry sources.  Read the news release from the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) which sponsored the study (includes a link to the full report).  Read a related newspaper article

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